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I had wonderful opportunity to created an bunch of lovely visuals + animation for a new Colgate toothbrush. 
I've been working closely with awesome designer and art director Georgina Venning on Colgate Dark Bristles,  project aimed at establishing a concept within their internal presentation. 

We've developed a visual language to bring the bold innovation of the product, to better tell the story of Dark Bristles, Colgate’s groundbreaking thinning bristle innovation.

With a great features of Cinema4d like dynamic simulations used in the project, I was able to visualize in great detail mechanic and functionality of innovative bristles.

#colgate #dark #bristles #toothbrush #visual #animation #dynamics #cg #hygiene #teeth #brush

Client: Colgate_Palmolive

3D/Lightning/Simulations/Animation/Rendering: Bart Miko

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